The Team Behind Fundingstack

Our mission is to create software that makes you more productive.

We are building modern deal management tools that make raising capital easier, faster and more efficient. We launched our first product -- Investor CRM -- in 2016 (under parent company Foundersuite) and then progressively expanded our platform to include a massive investor database, an Investor Update tool, a Pitch Deck hosting tool, email tools and more.

In 2019, we built a dedicated product called "Agent Model" for VCs, funding advisors and investment bankers, and after seeing amazing results from our customers, we spun it out into Fundingstack in 2022.

In short, we are taking the art of raising capital into 21st century. We hope you will join us along the way.

Fundingstack (and it's parent company Foundersuite) have helped raise
$9.7 billion!
for companies around the world.

The Team

  • Nathan Beckord

    Founder & CEO

  • Igor


  • Paulina

    Product Owner

  • Marina


  • Hilde

    Sales & Partnerships Specialist

  • Alex


  • Mareta

    UX/UI Expert

  • Ray

    Social Media Specialist

  • Wero

    UX/UI Designer

  • Divyansh

    YouTube Specialist

  • Mai

    Marketing Specialist

  • Jacci


  • Milena

    QA specialist

  • Mira


  • Grzegorz


  • Paweł


  • Filip


  • Tord

    Venture Analyst

  • Adam

    Chief Revenue Advisor

  • Ali

    Data Analyst

  • AbdelZaher

    Data Analyst

  • Mayar

    Data Analyst