Fundingstack Help Center

Here you will find answers to the most common questions we receive about using Fundingstack. If you don't find what you need, or you need some additional clarification, please reach out using the Intercom chat window in the lower right corner of this page.

    • What is Fundingstack? Do you have a demo?

      Yes. Here is a 1 minute overview video of how companies worldwide are using Fundingstack to raise capital:

      And, here is a list of our features. Fundingstack includes:

      • a database of 267,000 investors, including 146,000 angels and HNW investors, 13,000 VCs, 7,000 LPs, 1,200 strategics / CVC, 1,000 family offices and 300 fund-of-funds.
      • an Investor CRM to manage funding pipelines (the best in the business)
      • an Investor Update tool to send newsletters to investors
      • a Pitch Deck Hosting tool with built-in view tracking and email open tracking
      • a Send Email tool to send batches of personalized follow up emails and track opens
      • Deal Docs (pitch decks, term sheets, etc) to close the deal
      • Deal Analytics to see how your fundraises are performing

      With Fundingstack, you can setup multiple deals under one main account, move and copy investor lists between deals, create dedicated teams for each deal, and much more.

      Customers have raised over $9 billion (and counting). We look forward to adding you to that tally.

    • How much does it cost?

      $250 per user per month. Cancel anytime. No long-term contracts.

      SeePricing Page

    • Where does the data in your investor database come from?

      Fundingstack’s database of 267,000 investors was built (and is maintained) using a combination of automated data tools plus human labor plus a variety of third party data enrichment services.

      To build the database, we first compiled and curated several master lists of angels, VCs, family office and PE firms. Next, we employed a variety of automated systems along with several thousand human-hours manually researching the social links and bios for the investors. In many cases, the data is sourced directly from the investors’ own profiles on their web sites, blog, social media and other pages. Next, we periodically run the entire data set through bounce detectors, and we use several third party data sources to enrich and update the data. Last but not least, we layer on “crowd sourced data” — the reviews and feedback submitted by our thousands of active startup founders, VCs and investment bankers.

      Speaking of, we would love it if you leave a review on an investor you’ve interacted with recently!

    • If I upload a list of investors, do those investors get added to your database?

      No. Any investors you upload to the CRM are private to your account only, and are not added to our investor database. Your investors are only visible to you, and to any Team Members you have invited into your account.

    • Can I download investors from your database?

      Yes. You can add investors to your CRM from our Investor Database, and you can export the CRM by clicking the 3 small dots on the far right side of the screen.

      You are allowed to export a “reasonable, normal” number of investors — generally, the number of investors involved in a typical funding round. Mass downloading or any attempts to scrape our investor database is strictly prohibited.

    • Can I mass email investors?

      Fundingstack’s Investor Database does include investor email addresses for most investors, however, we don't recommend sending mass emails. To ensure your emails reach their target (and don’t end up in SPAM), you should thoroughly research the investors you'd like to engage with and write them targeted, thoughtful emails (or better yet, find a mutual connection or intro path).

      Qualifying your investor leads in this way will GREATLY improve your chances of raising money (and conversely, doing a mass email / cold blast to investors who are not a good fit will actually hurt your odds of raising money…).

      Importantly, we do not put limits on how many emails you can send, but because the emails are sent from your email account (not “from Foundersuite”) your email provider may have limits on sending volume.

    • I just sent out a batch of emails – why don’t I see them in my Sent folder yet?

      When you initiate a mailing, the emails will start to send in about 15 minutes, then they will go out about 3 minutes apart. Spreading out the mailing helps improve deliverability and reduce your chances getting flagged as SPAM.

    • How do I know my data is secure?

      Fundingstack is deployed on Heroku (a division of Salesforce) and we use the Heroku PosgreSQL add-on with replication setup. This gives us a mirrored database to help keep your data safe. In addition, all of your data is encrypted and all transactions are transmitted using SSL encryption for an added layer of security.

      We believe your privacy is of critical importance. We do not sell or share your information with anyone.

    • What is your cancellation policy? Do you give refunds if I cancel early?

      All subscriptions auto-renew until canceled. Monthly subscriptions run month-to-month starting on the day you upgrade.

      You may cancel at any time by logging in and going to Settings — Subscription — Change.You may cancel at any time by logging in and going to Settings — User and account — End subscription.

      We do not issue credit or refunds for non-use of your account or if you cancel in between billing cycles.

    • What happens to my data if I want to cancel in-between fundraises?

      Your data will be preserved and restored if you upgrade to a paid plan in the future.

      If you’d like to maintain access to all your data in between rounds, contact us to discuss a “hibernation mode” arrangement.

    • Do you guarantee that I will get funded if I subscribe?

      No. Fundingstack is a set of proprietary deal tools designed to help you raise capital faster and more efficiently. The platform includes a database of 267,000 investors + tools such as an Investor CRM, a Pitch Deck Hosting tool, a tool for building and sending Investor Updates, an email tool for doing personalized outreach or follow up in bulk, a collection of downloadable deal documents (e.g. pitch decks, models, term sheets, cap tables, etc.).

      However, we do not raise the capital for you. Whether or not you succeed is a function of how “investable” your company (or your client’s company) is, how well you target the right investors, how much time and effort you devote to fundraising, and many other factors.

      That said, Fundingstack has played a key role in helping thousands of startups succeed in raising over $9.7 billion, and we are confident we can significantly improve your odds of success.

    • Do you have some tips and advice on how to raise capital?

      We do! Please watch this talk from our founder, Nathan Beckord. This talk distills 15+ years of fundraising tips, hacks, and best practices into one hour-long webinar.

      Highly recommended — if you follow this step by step playbook, you will maximize your chances of successfully raising capital.

    • Why should I use Fundingstack instead of my excel spreadsheet?

      Prior to launching Fundingstack, CEO Nathan Beckord spent over a decade helping startups raise capital, and during this time he built hundreds of investor tracking spreadsheets for clients. While easy to create, spreadsheets quickly get messy about 1-2 weeks into the fundraising process — they are simply not “actionable” enough when talking to dozens (or even hundreds) of investors, and inevitably important tasks will slip through the cracks.

      Fundraising truly requires a dedicated CRM. Fundraising requires Fundingstack.

    • Why should I choose Fundingstack instead of other platforms?

      We literally invented the market category of “software and tools for raising capital” - we launched in 2016 and since then over 20,000 startups have used that platform. Around 2019, we launched a version called “Agent Model” focused on investment bankers, VCs, funding consultants and other intermediaries, and in 2022 we spun that product out into the Fundingstack you see here today.

      No competitor on the market offers as many rich features under one roof or as much value for the money.