A powerful virtual data room to get deals done

Fundingstack’s Data Room is your central hub for organizing, storing, and sharing confidential information.

Use it to store key contracts, intellectual property, employee information, KPIs and metrics, product roadmaps and demos, an org chart, financial statements and more.

Get through Due Diligence faster and more professionally.

Advanced provisioning and access controls

Fundingstack’s Data Room comes with robust user permissions and activity tracking. You control who can access each document and what they can do - for example, certain investors can have View Only access, others can have View + Download access, and so on. You can also watermark certain documents to discourage any sharing of that information by investors. With Fundingstack, you have total control.

With Fundingstack, you have total control.

Detailed analytics and advanced security

With Fundingstack, you will also enjoy Detailed Analytics: who viewed what and when (this is particularly useful to know during Diligence as it’s a signal of interest). Your Data Room also comes with dozens of security features including role-based permissions, audit trails, session timeouts, and two-factor authentication

Safe and secure cloud storage and sharing.


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